Sherilyn Working.JPG

For Sherilyn Christian Williams, artistic expression has been a life-long endeavor.

As a small child she possessed a love for beauty and often recorded her visions in private journals. In her adult years she took up beading, creating beautiful jewelry for friends and clients alike.

However, it was not until around 2008 that Sherilyn took the step towards painting. Encouraged by her late husband, Charlie, Sherilyn bought some paints on a whim and took her journey with the blank canvas. She discovered that expression through paint is not simply about a brush stroke, but rather an extension of emotions and an appreciation for all things beautiful.

One of the aspects so inspiring to Sherilyn is that there is no "right way" to paint. Because painting is an expression, that effort is solely unique to the artist. Paint brushes don't necessarily inspire Sherilyn, nor does starting at point A and continuing to point B to finish a project.

An artist who might have as many as six easels going at one time, Sherilyn prefers to begin a painting with her emotions. Into each painting go her inner thoughts, hopes and dreams as she pens her thought straight on to the canvas with charcoal, pen and sumi ink. Sometimes she will ask her daughters, Claudia and Olivia, for their input and then them add their thoughts to the canvas as well.

From that point on, Sherilyn adds layers of color in a variety of media, allowing some of the original words to peek through while hiding others beneath color and texture.

Along her journey, Sherilyn has been inspired by family, friends and professionals. She often finds in the spontaneity of her daughters, as they embrace the innocence of early childhood, a beauty so dear and true. In the memories of her late husband she draws from their love and commitment to their daughters. In fellow painters she seeks guidance and encouragement.